6 Basic tips for horse owners with brains

If we are a proud owner one, in our eyes anyway most beautiful horse, then a quick clear. There is so much to regulate and do that the daily riding falls flat in no time.

Now many non-riders think: Has the a life ... goes for hours riding and cuddling ... has immensely fun ... what the money costs ... rich must be the being etc ... and Bla Bla Bla.

But what is actually behind it and what we actually sacrifice "horse fanatics", that is only for the fewest. There is no "WTF" look. You just do not know it better.

Pity, but wherever?

What is the powerful rider so important for us? Very easily: organization

The saying: Organization is half life finally does not come from about. Here is really the key to success could be said. Which basic tips are useful for you as a horse owner or future horse owner, we have briefly summarized.

Tip 1: Your saddle cabinet becomes a multi-talent

As the? Well, we recommend something to you in any case. Say: Get at all z. B. Some easy-care storage boxes, hanging shelves or mislimmingly interesting gadgets from the furniture store (IKEA is a treasure trove!) And the drugstore.

With such helpers, you can separate horse and leather care products, medications or stable pharmacy and feed hygienically and save a lot of time when looking for or cleaning up.

Also make a list of all important phone numbers:


- Your (mobile phone, landline, workplace, school ...)

- vet

- Horse sharing

- Hufschmied

- Parents

- Stable operator and possibly adjuster

Hang this list 1x easily visible to your saddle cabinet and 1x at home. In an emergency, you can quickly trade or another member from the riding stable. You can still complement the note with a calendar and the drug plan of your horse. Also allergies or intolerances should be mentioned. This makes the work easier for the vet unemployed. And: time is money!

Tip 2: Use a training diary

Who has a plan, has an overview. You can either buy a training diary or use an app. In any case, so you have clearly visible the training plan from the horse before you, you can see as well as destinations or even recognize health changes on the basis of the respective day form.

Very helpful for the vet, you should need it for example because of a lameness. If you have a riding participation, you can both register alternately and are always well informed.

Tip 3: Be commercially well prepared!

Who saves because, in the worst case can be sitting at a high cost. Therefore, at least secure yourself with the necessary standard insurance.


- Animal holder liability

- accident insurance

In both clarifications, whether foreign riders (eg riding participation) are included. Especially in the pet holder liability, there are big differences.


- possibly disability insurance (is included in some life insurance!)

- possibly an OP insurance

All you can compare without binding in advance to find the right thing for you and your treasure.

Tip 4: Download a rider app

The mobile phone is our constant companion. Therefore, an app might afford help. You can create a profile of your horse, upload documents (eg EQUIDENPASS), save medications and even let yourself be notified with the worm creations and vaccinations incurred.

Ideal if you do not want to miss an appointment with the veterinarian. Some apps include on top of that a training plan for the horse. Via diaris entries, you have your hands in your hands with each other.

Tip 5: Avoid chaos in the car!

Not easy. Hay and horsehaire hairs are known to hang in these loop carpeting panels in the car. And the sand of the hall as well as sawdust transform the foot area into zero communication in your personal, odor-intensive auto-paddock.

What to do? Give yourself a home room for a birthday or for Christmas. Is there a universal size or for the respective car brand. Advantage: plastic. You can suck them quickly or spray out for gross pollution. Also try to leave the riding stable in the trunk! Riding boots If you always take off, tap and put it into the tub! So the transport room remains clean. An odor neutralizer from the spray bottle ensures a pleasant climate in the car. Do not you move around, get a glossy coating for the driver's seat.

Tip 6: Facilitating work

Of course, the drum is like z. As leather care, stable service or the horse mixing routine for riding life. Nevertheless, these enormously time consuming and actually snap a lot of movement time. It makes absolutely meaning to look for useful "all-purpose weapons".

Baby towels:

Multiple effect. Rests dirt on saddle / trense / boot, lubricates the leather. Can even be used in the Nettern, Eye and Pop Pop Care (Ingredients!). You can clean yourself yourself. Fits in every saddle cabinet.


Treat yourself to the larger model. If necessary, compose financially. Instead of rigid commercially available rake, prefer one with many tines (hardware store). The dropping goes back to jerk.

Make a riding child happy:

Castle in your riding stable many horse mandate kids who want to help? Great, let them! After all, did not we start all so? Provided, of course, your horse belongs to the group "I do not just look like - I'm also".

In the time where the little ones have shaken your hotti with brushes, you can already represent saddle care etc ... or the box. Important: Always everything always in the eye!

Participate in the experience of others:

Whether in everyday work, diseases or riding itself - you can benefit from the experiences of others. Especially older horse owners have a lot throughout and can usually give you good advice. Of course you have to weigh for you, whether it is right in your case. But often a way on which you might not think about it.