Everything about the cardade

Where does the term "cardade" come from?

Previously, these types of horse brushes were made from the fruit stands of the cardijack.

The term comes from the Latin word "Carduus", and means "thistle".

What is the carding brush used for?

It is always used in combination with a curry comb and is suitable for the entire horse body (except the horse's head).

You can use the cardade to remove both coarser dirt and dirt from the horse level as well as finer dirt, e.g. Dust.

Therefore, this brush should be an integral part in every cleaning bag / suitcase! ?



How do I clean the card brush?

But how do you clean the brush..with a curry comb? ?

Exactly! You take the card brush in the right hand and the curry comb in the left. Now you brush as usual with the cardade over the coat of your horse and as soon as you realize that the brush is "dirty", you drive with her over the curry comb (with some pressure). Be sure to do this movement away from you, otherwise you're just as dirty as your horse before.

You can now steadily repeat this process to polish your horse on high gloss!

In which variants is the card brush available?

The cardade is available in countless variants and designs!

Depending on the price range, the material and thus also the durability / life of this horse brush differs.

Make sure that it does not have a rubber wrist strap, as this will wear out very quickly and not give you enough support! This can lead to cramps in your hand, which is very unpleasant!

What is special about the cardade of Animalon?

The special thing about our card brush is:

  • The Bendability (perfect adaptation to the body shape of your horse!)
  • Ergonomic shape (no cramping of the hand!)
  • Stepless adjustability of the hand strap using Velcro (optimal grip!)
  • No tearing out of the hand strap
  • Optimal cleaning also at difficult points (without twisting the hand!)
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Very gentle on the wrists!

So if you are looking for a long-lasting and sturdy horse brush that protects your wrists and cleans your horse effortlessly on all body parts , then you are absolutely right getting our card brush by Animalon!

By the way:

Meanwhile, we offer two different variants:
 Horse hair brush (Borsten made of real horsehair!)
– Card brush CAREFLEX (Synthetic bristles!)