Animalon Brushes

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. Here you can find out everything about the popular Animalon brushes. We are the brush start-up from the Lower Rhine. Our goal is to make daily horse care a feel-good experience.


Because your horse is special.

Our CareFlex brushes

Our Animalon brushes are flexible and stable at the same time. Due to their ergonomic shape, the brushes fit perfectly to almost every part of the horse's body. With the Animalon brushes you ensure a maximum contact surface and efficient brushing/ grooming. Even hard-to-reach areas such as the fetlock straps, chest, belly and withers can be easily and effortlessly reached and thoroughly cleaned with the Animalon brushes.

What makes our brushes so special?

INNOVATIVE - the bend of up to 90° makes the Animalon brushes extremely comfortable for easy and gentle care of almost all parts of the horse's body.

PROTECTIVE FOR HANDS - the natural shape and a firm fit prevent annoying cramping and twisting of the hand

ADJUSTABLE HAND SHAPE - integrated in the material prevents annoying tearing and the Velcro fastener offers infinite adjustability.

Animalon brushes

Animalon brushes redefine coat care. Whether simply cuddling or vigorously brushing - our range covers it all.