Box rest for horses - how can you relieve your horse's boredom?

We know that horses are active animals and need a lot of exercise every day. It's nice when we can give them this in the form of varied training, daily exercise in the paddock with other horses, via a horse walker or treadmill and, in the best case, with species-appropriate husbandry. But what if the beloved friend suddenly has to "watch the box" due to a disease diagnosis (e.g. tendon damage in a horse)? Everyone will immediately throw their hands up in horror.

Instruction: Box rest for the horse - that has to be digested! Don't be discouraged! Look here, surely one of our pieces of advice can help you!

Veterinary advice must be followed

Unfortunately, every now and then there is an illness that demands exactly this "rest" from the horse in order to be able to fully recover. Whether it's a damaged tendon that forces the horse to take it easy or whether it's been operated on beforehand, the result is the same: Your Hotti has to take it easy. This is the only way for affected tissue to regenerate or for the animal's battered organism to recover. Even if you don't like the instruction, you should follow it! Your horse will manage with y o u r help!

Sedatives in the horse should not be an option for the time being! You will see that with one or two tips the time will pass quickly. You will then be able to carefully retrain your horse and not lose so much of its musculature!

Toys for horses

Occupation horse box rest - catchwords that are open to playful ideas. There are some nice options available in specialised shops. A play ball can make the horse's time a little easier. There are many variations: from the hanging handle ball to the holey feed ball. The latter offers the possibility of hiding hay or carrots and treats. A dangling lick in a ball can also relieve boredom in the box.

Nibble wood devices are great. Similar to a lick holder, thicker pieces of branch are held in place. Attention: Make sure the wood is suitable for horses (e.g. fruit tree wood)! A few willow and hazel branches can also be placed loosely in the box or paddock. Your friend will love carefully peeling off the juicy bark. There really is no more natural toy for horses!

Feeding bags (fillable with hay rations) with holes that swing freely in the room are also quite useful. This free swinging is important - it is the only way to keep this stimulation challenging! So there is hardly any boredom in the box, as the quadruped is busy trying to get its food portion.

Head work and spa care is allowed

Box resting horses is difficult, but doable. Maybe you can take time for your partner throughout the day instead of just once a day. If necessary, ask a kind, helpful person to help look after your horse! Then relieve the boredom in the box with fancy training! Little tricks (e.g. fleeing on command or saying yes and no) are a great way to keep your horse mentally occupied.

Or give your horse the chance to get treats by rolling in and out a small carpet.

Even clicker training can be practised in a limited setting. Whether in combination with the described tricks or with stretching exercises for head and neck - it works!

Treat your pet to an extensive wellness programme! Every horse likes a massage when it is resting in the box. Gentle circular brushing contributes to relaxation just as much as careful tail picking. Let your horse know that being busy can also be very pleasant for him when he is resting in the stall! It also strengthens your bond immensely. This way you will be on the right track and will quickly master the standing time! After all, your companion is worth every effort!

Our Animalon massage curry comb is perfectly suited for a massage unit for our "patients". Thanks to its rounded rubber nubs, the use is guaranteed to be a feel-good experience and ensures pure relaxation for your horse. Like all our CareFlex brushes, the massage brush is super flexible and reaches almost every part of the body. In addition, the massage with the brush promotes the blood circulation of your favourite and can even relieve unpleasant tensions caused by "standing time".