My grooming bag & me

Grooming bag or rather grooming case for my horse?

That is the big question here! And yet everyone has to answer it for themselves.

In the past, there were only grooming bags for horses, in many different colours and designs. But for some years now, grooming bags for horses have also been available and are becoming more and more popular.

But which is better? Grooming case or grooming bag?

In order to give you a better overview, I have listed the main features of the two models here.

Grooming cases for horses:

  • Firm, stable shape;
  • Many different colors and sizes;
  • There are also extremely sturdy models that can also be used as a step-up aid;
  • Large compartment, usually with a low removable compartment (for smaller parts such as impact rubber, hoof scrapers, etc.);
  • Carrier handle in the middle.

Grooming bag for horses:

  • Flexible and soft material, the shape of the bag is kept stable by a solid floor and a kind of hoop at the top end;
  • Small "feet" on the bottom of the bag for good standing also prevent wearing away of the bottom of the bag from outside;
  • Many different small and large compartments on the outside of the grooming bag;
  • Large compartment in the middle with small "key compartment" on one side;
  • Cleaning bag can be easily closed and the contents protected from dirt and dust;
  • For carrying the bag there are handles as well as a strap that can be buckled in, so it is very easy to take it everywhere, e.g. to shows;
  • It exists in all kinds of colors and sizes.

What's my conclusion?

I have to admit that I have become a big fan of the grooming bag! I have had quite a few grooming bags and my pony Daggi has had them all! :o)

Daggi has lost a circus pony! He has always loved to stand on all sorts of things. Unfortunately, my grooming kit didn't like that very much!

The problem is that I often misjudged the distance between Daggi and the grooming kit and I quickly went away to get something and, poof, he was standing on it again :o)

Daggi thought it was great and super funny every time, but the grooming bag not so much - it had a serious bend in its appearance afterwards and was finally disposed of by me.

With the grooming bag, of course, it happens from time to time that Daggi tries to "break" it, but since the material is soft and flexible and my brushes are fortunately very stable (Animalon quality?) - nothing has broken since then!

So from my experience I can definitely recommend the grooming bag!!!! ✨

What goes into the grooming bag?

Now that I have given you a better overview of the subject of grooming bags, the question naturally arises: what goes into the grooming bag? Of course there is a certain "minimum number" of horse brushes that every horse lover should have - you will find out which ones in the next section!

However, you can not only store horse brushes in these two models, but also a lot of useful things such as:

- Tail & mane spray
- Care oil
- Wound & healing ointment (my ponyman Daggi needs a lot of this, because in our herd, he is in an open stable, - the ladies wear the trousers! ?)
- Mane rubbers (especially if you are a competition rider)
- A pair of tick tongs! (Has proven itself very often!)
- A pair of scissors
- And a lot more...

I keep all these things in my grooming bag, neatly organised. I always have everything at hand and am prepared for every situation! ??

Which brushes do I really need for my horse?

But now we come to the most important content of a horse grooming bag, the grooming kit! There is nothing here that is not available!

But what is the right thing for you and your horse and above all, what do you really need and what is superfluous?

The right basic equipment:

Animalon makes it really super easy for you to find the right cleaning kit for you and your horse in this respect.

With the "Premium Set" you are golden! Here you have everything, and more!

If you don't need some brushes, you can of course also choose your brushes individually and thus assemble your own set.

What you should definitely get for your horse are:

These three horse brushes form the Basis and are a must in every Grooming bag! ?

What you ultimately want to add to your grooming bag is up to you! All I can tell you is that there is plenty of room in a grooming bag! ?

This post was written for us by the lovely Tine from Pferdisch gut Blog, thank you!