Mustang Makeover 2019

Animal is sponsoring the trainer team "Marina and the ponies" at Mustang makeover 2019!

The Mustang Makeover aims to train 22 US-bred and almost raw mustangs by 22 trainers in a harmonious and fair way within 100 days.

The wild horses have spent the first years of their lives in large herd families and are used to life in the wild. In the last 3 years, due to overpopulation, persistent droughts, dramatic water shortages and political constraints, the mustangs have been captured and rescued in sanctuaries by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as part of their population control efforts. Unfortunately, conditions have been deteriorating for some time - land shortages, budget cuts and the repeal of the protection law are being heavily discussed. The American Mustang Germany has brought the unique event from the USA to Germany since 2017 and aims to raise awareness of the special horse breed of the Mustang and to place the horses here in Germany.

Already in September 2018, the event horses were selected at the sanctuary and since January they have been looked after by an experienced trainer before being imported to Germany, so that the horses could be led and loaded without any problems and thus had a stress-free journey. Each of the 22 horses received the same trainer in America, so that equal opportunities were guaranteed from the beginning. In the last few days, the horses moved into their new home in Germany and will now be trained by various trainers for the next 100 days.

The trainer team includes many young talented trainers, but also very experienced trainers get the chance to present their work in the field of young horse training. The trainers are allowed to work with original, very wild horses and can thus also draw attention to the special nature of mustangs. During the 100 days, the participating trainers document their work progress with photos and videos and thus educate the community about horse work. The requirements for the competition include absolutely fair handling of the horse and sufficient experience in the field of young horse training.

True to the motto "We make the invisible bond between horse and rider visible!", the Trainer Challenge stands out from a normal competition. The event focuses much more on the partnership between man and animal, according to which the jury will ultimately also judge at the grand finale. The final event, which is unique in Europe, will take place from Friday 23 August 2019 to Sunday 25 August 2019 in Aachen on the CHIO grounds. After an individual performance by each team, the jury will select the coach-mustang team that has grown together best. Afterwards, the mustangs will be auctioned off.

But not only the spectacular and unique performances await you, but also interesting lectures on all topics and questions concerning the four-legged friends by the Makeover Experts, 1-hour lectures by top trainers within the Makeover Academy and much more. In the Mustang Mall, visitors can also stroll around extensively and find everything to do with horses.

Animalon is sponsor of the team "Marina & the Ponies". Marina and her sister Julia will also take care of the Mustang for 100 days, train it in the Trainer Challenge and finally present it at the MUSTANG MAKEOVER. As Marina is still very young, she will work in a team with her sister and participate out of competition. The Mustang is not a pure wild horse, but already a further trained young horse. The two of them gladly accept the challenge of bringing human life closer to the mustang and are happy to be able to have such a unique experience at such a young age. The mustang has already arrived at the sisters' home and has the following description:

Sex: Gelding
Birth: 2013
Place of birth: Humboldt
Height: 140 cm
Colour: Sorrel

Marina And Julia will be sharing their training progress and everything about their time with the Mustang with us on their social media channels and we are excited to participate as a sponsor of the team.