Tinker - the colourful horse breed

It is impossible to imagine Germany's pastures without the colourful Tinker. In the 1990s, they became more and more popular, especially among leisure riders.

And of course there are good reasons for this, because these horses are robust, easy to feed and intelligent. Furthermore, they have a very balanced character and do not shy away from every tree trunk. Their curiosity has a positive effect on ground work and also when riding.

Originally, these gentle horses were workhorses of the non-sedentary population and were mainly bred as draught animals.

This is why Tinkers are not suitable as show jumpers or dressage horses. Due to their build, they cannot overcome high obstacles and the collection, which is required in dressage, is difficult for them.

They have a stocky and strong-boned build, pronounced pasterns, abundant long hair and often a ram's head. The appearance is imposing, these horses are quite small, compact and muscular. The straight head with the large eyes and the broad forehead should be carried upright, the neck is well muscled and the shoulders strong. The hooves are large and covered with hair.

Pied is particularly common in the Tinker horse, although all other coat colours are permitted.

Whether flight behaviour or herd instinct - the natural instincts of these noble creatures extend all the way back to domestication. It is simply innate that your friend suspects a predator behind a rustling bush. Does your horse perhaps not feel like moving away from the stable? This is also a basic instinct. The herd gives him protection. It has learned this over thousands of years in its evolution. That's why we should take it seriously. Punishing such reactions would be a mistake. It is better to build trust and show the horse that it can rely on you.

Other names for the Tinker horse are Irish Tinker or Gypsy Cob. These horses of the Irish Cob breed are recognised as Tinkers by the FN in Germany. Horses of the Irish Cob breed can also be registered in the stud books. Horses of this breed have characteristics of ponies, cold-blooded and warm-blooded horses, although the overall appearance is more reminiscent of a small cold-blooded horse, as the Gypsy Cob ranges in height from 135 to 160 centimetres.

In terms of size, most horses of this breed could be described as ponies (animals with a height of 148 centimetres are recognised as ponies). Originally the Tinker horse comes from Great Britain and Ireland, they are mainly bred in Europe and are spread all over the world.

The Irish Tinker is a good leisure horse as well as a good-natured therapy horse. Especially the level-headed character is decisive for the use in these areas. A therapy horse must be fearless and responsive to people at all times. The curiosity of these horses ensures that the horse is open-minded and motivated to cooperate in therapy.

It is particularly suitable as a leisure horse because of its fearlessness. In the field, the Tinker horse behaves calmly and serenely, making rides in nature a beautiful experience. The horse's lively and ground-covering movements and its good cantering ability make it a good partner for leisure riding. And of course, this horse is especially suitable as a carriage horse, because this is what it was originally bred for.

Tinker horses are often offered as weight carriers, but this is misleading. Many horses of this breed are prone to a low back or back injuries due to their high erection and poor collection ability. They need good back training to build up back muscles and are thus not made for carrying heavy equestrian loads.

Care must also be taken not to feed the Tinker too many nutrients, as it tends to become fat, which is detrimental to the entire musculoskeletal system. This is because the metabolism is optimised to gain the maximum energy from meagre feed and to consume as little energy as possible.

The roughage in Germany is sufficient for feeding a Tinker horse, no additional concentrated feed should be given and the horse should be continuously exercised. If this is observed, the Tinker horse is an optimal leisure partner!

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