Trail riding - holiday enjoyment on horseback

Is there anything more beautiful than roaming through woods and fields with your four-legged partner, traversing valleys and exploring new landscapes every day in the saddle?

Waking up, having breakfast and spending the whole day with your horse is the dream of many riders. Whether your own horse accompanies you or you decide to go on an organised horseback riding trip or horseback riding holiday at a horse farm is completely irrelevant - the joy of being together, the love of nature and the closeness to the animals are a guarantee for an unforgettable holiday.

Trail riding on holiday - it's all in the preparation

Of course, a trail ride requires thorough planning and preparation. Just saddle up and go is not enough! After all, we want to see and feel the hours of riding out as a reward for the stress of everyday life. But it is not only we who want to have a good time. We want our horse to enjoy it just as much, to be fit and motivated.

To prepare you for the riding holidays in advance, you can already train your treasure at your horse farm. You must not forget: Only a properly trained and healthy horse can carry you through the prairie for hours on end. Therefore, you must always observe his state of health beforehand (fitness, digestion, back, muscles, hooves...). Great importance should also be attached to equipment when trail riding. Saddle, bridle and tack must fit the horse perfectly.

Whether it is trail riding or endurance riding (a type of riding in which the aim is to cover a certain distance in a given time), it is important that the horse is not overtaxed. Excluding overtaxing the animal!) - nothing works without proper preparation.

There are a few questions to be answered here:

Are I and my horse sufficiently trained (ground work, composure training and routine cross-country procedures are important)?

  • How many kilometres do we dare to ride?
  • Do I want to start from home or go to another area?
  • Do I need accommodation or do I want to camp (always book in advance and ask the landowner if you want to camp)? Do we use a support vehicle?
  • What legal regulations (e.g. riding sticker) apply to riding out over woods and fields?
  • Do I know how to read a map or is a knowledgeable guide present?
  • How is the feeding and watering of the horses regulated?

Does it all sound very complicated? Maybe, but if you make a detailed checklist and take the time beforehand, it's no problem.

The most important thing is training and a positive state of fitness. Whereas in endurance riding there are veterinarians to check you, in trail riding it's just you, your horse and your companions. Hiking is also much more relaxed in terms of time. In many places there are nice horseback riding centres that guarantee accommodation and care for man and beast.

Riding holidays without your own horse

Whether it's a horse farm with sturdy Haflingers in the Allgäu or a riding station in Andalusia with free-roaming Spanish horses - the choice of offers is huge and there is something to suit every personal preference. A big advantage is that these animals know their tasks and ways well. You will usually find a reliable animal friend that you would love to take home with you at the end. For trail riding, equipment is already available and you have relatively little to worry about in terms of organisation.

At the beginning of your search for a holiday destination, it makes sense to inform yourself well about the stable. Nobody wants unpleasant surprises during their holiday. Maybe you can find out from friends about their riding holidays. That is a great help.

Trail riding without stress

No matter which option you choose - always start early. Putting things off only puts you under unnecessary time pressure. Good preparation simply takes time, but you will see that it is worth it.

Have a great holiday!