Conditions for participation in raffles


Organizer of the raffles is the

Animalon GmbH

Giesenheide 25
40724 Hilden

Telephone: 02157/1480725


Managing Director: Tabea Battlesberger & Marcel Jäkel

Commercial Register: District Court Dusseldorf HRB 82524

Sales tax identification number: DE 316361610


The raffle is in no connection to Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. The recipient of the available data and information are not Facebook or other separate platforms, but Animalon GmbH.

Questions or complaints about the raffle are on to judge.

Participation in the raffle is only possible with the conditions mentioned here. With the participation in the raffle, the participant accepts these conditions of participation.

Animalon GmbH reserves the right to cancel or end the raffle at any time.


All persons resident in Germany, which are at least 14 years old are eligible to participate in Germany. Excluded from participation employees are from Animalon GmbH. On Facebook or Instagram sweepstakes only participants are allowed with Facebook and Instagram accounts. Participation with invented names or names of other persons is not allowed


Participation in the raffle is done by commenting or like the contribution. Participation is not dependent on the acquisition of a commodity. In addition, the acquisition of goods does not increase the chance of winning.

The consent to the name of the first name and surname of the participant in the income is automatically by participating in the raffle.

Contributions to participate in the raffle may not include insults, wrong facts, competition, brand, or copyright violations.


Profferial gains are not paid in cash and are excluded from exchange. You can not be transferred to third parties.


Part of the raffle takes part who has received or commented the post. Participants can only participate in the raffle once per raffle.

The profits are raffled among all participants entitled to participate. The time of determining the eligibility and the raffle is given in the sweepstake text.

The winners will be notified by e-mail or personal communication via Facebook or Instagram. If a winner does not report within 7 days of notification to accept his profit, the profit and a replacement winner will be determined.

Data protection

Insofar as personal data from participants are collected, processed or used within the framework of the raffle, this is used only for the purpose of the competition and will be deleted after the competition is terminated.


Participants who violate the conditions of participation or try to manipulate the vote can be excluded from the raffle. If there are prerequisites for manipulation, profits can be subsequently recognized or already returned profits are reclaimed.

Animalon GmbH is entitled to cancel the raffle if:

The conditions of use or guidelines for competitions from Facebook or Instagram are changed and a implementation is no longer permitted under new provisions.

Manipulations are detected or a proper implementation of the raffle is no longer ensured.

Unauthorized intervention by third parties as well as technical or legal problems.

The participant clears Facebook or other channels from every liability.

The legal road is excluded. It is only applicable to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If individuals of these conditions of participation should be invalid or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation hereby remains unaffected. These conditions of participation can be changed at any time by Animalon GmbH without separate notification.