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Animalon | Children's horse care set | Children's basic horse grooming set | Horse grooming set for children | Horse grooming for children | Currycomb, card brush & hoof scraper in pink

The starter set for basic horse grooming includes a children's card brush, a children's curry comb and a hoof scraper for children. With the horse cleaning kit for children, the little riders and horsewomen have everything in their horse cleaning box that they need for horse care in the stable.
Children want to give their horse the care that the horse deserves. The horse care set for children by Animalon includes a children's card brush, a children's curry comb & a children's hoof scratcher for horses. The horse care set for children is perfect as a basic programme for daily horse care. The children's card brush is equipped with medium-hard synthetic bristles and frees the horse from coarse dirt and dust during the children's horse care. Even hard-to-reach places such as hocks, fetlock straps, chest and withers can be easily and effortlessly reached by children during horse grooming. The children's curry comb with soft rubber trim is perfect for gentle horse care, especially for sensitive horses. This horse accessory allows children to groom horses effectively. The children's curry comb easily removes loose hair and is the perfect complement to the children's grooming brush. Together, the children's curry comb and the children's grooming brush are the ideal solution for complete grooming of the horse's coat and the perfect horse grooming tool for children. The children's hoof scratcher for horses is not just a hoof scratcher. In addition to the actual scratching function, it has all-natural palm bristles on the other side. These bristles are more robust than others and are perfect for children's horse care for coarse dirt on the hooves. The hand strap on the horse brushes for children ensures quick and easy adjustability of the size, so that each horse brush adapts to every child's hand. In combination with the flexibility of the brushes, it prevents annoying cramping of the child's hand when grooming the horse. Together, the children's card brush, the children's curry comb and the children's hoof scraper make the perfect filled children's horse grooming bag. The children can easily carry the filled horse grooming box to the stable and take over the horse grooming all by themselves. With the horse care set for children, the horse-loving kids can conjure up a healthy horse coat and turn the daily horse cleaning routine into a feel-good experience for themselves and their horse.

Children's horse care set - the advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect as a horse gift for girls and boys
  • Effortlessly removes coarse dirt & dust from horses
  • Perfect adaptation of the children's horse brushes to the contours of the horses' bodies
  • Ergonomic shape - no cramped child's hand during horse grooming
  • Infinitely adjustable wrist strap for a secure grip
  • Cleaning of even hard to reach areas of the horse 

- includes a children's card brush, a children's curry comb & a children's hoof scraper in pink for the daily horse care programme in the stable

- the children's hoof scraper for horses has only natural bristles, so the horse brush for children guarantees high quality.

- the natural shape and firm fit of the children's horse brushes prevent annoying cramping and twisting of the young rider's hand; the horse care set for children is also an innovative horse gift for girls and boys

- the brushes from Animalon are different from other brushes. The innovative horse accessories for children perfect the grooming of horses' coats

- horse-crazy children take time for daily horse care and treat their horse to the most efficient children's brush set worldwide

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