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Article: How and why do I groom my horse?

Wie und warum putze ich mein Pferd?

How and why do I groom my horse?

Why is it important to brush your horse regularly?

Social Contacts

If you observe your horse around other horses, you will notice that they groom and scratch each other. This is very important for horses because in some places such as:b. Horses cannot groom themselves on the back or withers because they cannot reach these areas on their own.

But social bonds are also very important for horses! A horse doesn't let everyone get that close! It is also a sign of trust and an opportunity to build an even closer bond with your horse.

The health of your horse

When grooming your horse, it is much easier for you to notice small discrepancies. If your horse e.g.b. has a leg that feels spongy or has a scrape that needs treatment. Things like this are much easier to notice when cleaning every day! Because some “pains” are not so obvious, so you can’t always see them at first glance!

Grooming before saddling/riding

Grooming before saddling is also a very important point! Here it is particularly important to clean the saddle and girth area of ​​your horse, as the dirt would rub very hard under the tight-fitting saddle/girth and, in the worst case, your horse could even get open spots!

If you want to use leg protection (gaiters/ bandages) for your horse, you should also make sure to protect your horse's legs particularly well to brush.

What do I need to groom my horse?

Here I have put together a list of cleaning utensils for you to give you an overview:

  • Harrow

You can use the curry comb to remove coarse dirt and grime from your horse's fur. You can also use the curry comb to clean other brushes.

  • Carbon brush

The body brush is a fairly large brush that is equipped with medium-strength bristles. You can use it to generally remove dirt and grime from the horse's fur.

  • Shining Brush

With the shine brush you can polish your horse to a high shine!

  • Facial Brush

The face brush is a “cuddle brush” that is particularly suitable for the sensitive area of ​​your horse’s head. It has extremely soft and fluffy bristles and is great for fine dirt and dust!

  • Massage harrow

The massage curry comb is the “wellness curry comb” for your horse! With it you can massage your horse particularly pleasantly and at the same time stimulate his blood circulation and relieve slight tension!

  • Hoof Brush

The hoof brush is a particularly small brush that is especially suitable for the outside of the hooves. But you can also use it extremely well to remove mud stains from horse fur!

  • Root Brush

With this brush you can optimally brush your horse's legs! The bristles of this brush are very stable and firm, making it easy to remove stuck-on dirt and grime from the horse's fur!

With the mane comb/ Mane brush you can brush your horse's mane and occasionally also the tail ?

  • Hoof scratches

With the hoof picker you can easily remove dirt and grime from your horse's hoof! You can use the metal piece to remove coarse dirt (e.g.b. Stones) and with the bristles on the other side you can remove the finer dirt from the hoof.

The right basic equipment:

Animalon makes it really easy for you to find the right grooming set for you and your horse.

With the “Premium Set” you are absolutely right! Here you have everything and more!

If you don't need some brushes, you can of course also select your brushes individually and put together your “own set”.

However, the cleaning supplies you should definitely get for your horse are:

  • Hoof Pick
  • Harrow
  • Card brush

These three horse brushes form the base and are a must in every grooming bag! ?

How do I groom my horse correctly?

  • Head

The head is the most sensitive part of your horse. We therefore need a particularly soft brush for this, the facial brush. With this brush you can brush the entire area of ​​your horse's head.

  • Body

The body (neck, trunk and croup) is the muscled part of your horse. In this area you can remove coarse dirt from your horse with the curry comb without any problems. To do this, brush your horse's coat in circular movements.

Then you take the brush brush and use it to groom this entire area of ​​your horse. You can give your horse the “finishing touch” with the shine brush! This way you can remove fine dirt and dust from your horse and make it shine!

If you would like to additionally brush a horse with the massage curry comb, you can do that first (before you start with the curry comb!). Brushing with the massage curry comb is particularly effective before riding, as it even relieves slight tension and stimulates your horse's blood circulation.

  • Legs

To clean your horse's legs, take the root brush to hand. With this brush you can also remove coarse dirt from the horse's legs!

If you can't get finer dirt out of your horse's coat with this brush, you can also use the brush or shine brush!

  • Mane/Tail

You should spray your horse's mane and tail with mane spray before brushing to make combing the hair easier. With a mane comb or a mane/tail brush you can now free your horse's hair from knots! But be careful not to brush your horse's tail too often, as your horse will lose some hair through combing. However, it can take up to 7 years for a horse's tail to grow to a “normal” length!

  • Hoofs

You clean your horse's hooves with a hoof pick. This has a metal piece to remove coarse dirt and grime from the horse's hoof (e.g.b. stones) On the other side are the bristles; you can use them to remove lighter dirt such as sand or earth from the horse's hoof.

Love Tine from Pferdeisch gut Blog  wrote this article for us, thank you!

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