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Article: Everything about the body brush

Alles über die Kardätsche

Everything about the body brush

Where does the term “ body brush ” come from?

This type of horse brush used to be made from the seed heads of the teasel thistle.

The term comes from the Latin word “carduus” and means “thistle”.

What do you use the body brush for?

It is always used in combination with a curry comb and is suitable for the entire horse's body (except the horse's head).

You can use the body brush to remove both coarser dirt and grime from the horse's fur, as well as finer dirt, such as dust.

Therefore, this brush should be an integral part of every cleaning bag/suitcase! ?


How do I clean the body brush?

But how do you clean the brush...with a curry comb? ?

Exactly! You take the brush brush in your right hand and the harrow in your left. Now brush your horse's coat with the brush as usual and as soon as you notice that the brush is too "dirty", run it over the curry comb (with a little pressure). Be sure to make this movement away from you, otherwise you will be just as dirty as your horse before?

You can now repeat this process continuously to polish your horse to a high shine!

What variants does the body brush come in?

The body brush is available in countless variations and designs!

Depending on the price, the material and therefore the durability/lifespan of this horse brush also depends.

Make sure that it does not have a rubber hand strap, as this wears out particularly quickly and does not give you enough support! This can cause cramps in your hand, which is very uncomfortable!

What is special about the Animalon body brush?

The special thing about our body brush is:

  • the ability to bend (perfect adaptation to the shape of your horse!)
  • Ergonomic shape (no cramping of the hand!)
  • Infinitely adjustable hand strap using Velcro fastener (optimal hold!)
  • no tearing out of the hand strap
  • Optimal cleaning even in difficult areas (without twisting your hand!)
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • very gentle on the wrists!

So if you are looking for a long-lasting and robust horse brush that is gentle on your wrists and allows you to easily brush all parts of your horse's body, then you have come to the right place with our brush brush from Animalon!

By the way:

We now offer two different versions:
 Horsehair brush (bristles made of real horsehair!)
 CareFlex body brush (Synthetic bristles!)

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