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Save 1,40 €Anti-dust spongeAnti-dust sponge
Anti-dust sponge Sale price12,55 € Regular price13,95 €
Save 13,45 €Basic setBasic set
Basic set Sale price76,25 € Regular price89,70 €
Save 6,00 €CareFlex Kids SetCareFlex Kids Set
CareFlex Kids Set Sale price29,95 € Regular price35,95 €
Your <tc>Animalon</tc> set
Your Animalon set Sale price5,95 €
Save 19,29 €Deluxe setDeluxe set
Deluxe set Sale price109,31 € Regular price128,60 €
Save 1,40 €Waxed sewing threadWaxed sewing thread
Waxed sewing thread Sale price12,55 € Regular price13,95 €
Save 2,30 €Grooming gloveGrooming glove
Grooming glove Sale price20,65 € Regular price22,95 €
Gift wrappingGift wrapping
Gift wrapping Sale price5,95 €
Save 2,30 €CareFlex shine brushCareFlex shine brush
CareFlex shine brush Sale price20,65 € Regular price22,95 €
Gratis Massagestriegel
Gratis Massagestriegel Sale price0,00 €
Save 1,60 €CareFlex rubber curry combCareFlex rubber curry comb
CareFlex rubber curry comb Sale price14,35 € Regular price15,95 €
handle baghandle bag
handle bag Sale price7,95 €
On saleHoof balmHoof balm
Hoof balm Sale priceFrom 17,05 € Regular price18,95 €
Save 0,70 €Hoof pickHoof pick
Hoof pick Sale price6,25 € Regular price6,95 €
Dog curry combDog curry comb
Dog curry comb Sale priceFrom 14,95 €
Save 1,70 €CareFlex body brushCareFlex body brush
CareFlex body brush Sale price15,25 € Regular price16,95 €
Save 2,50 €Lambskin gloveLambskin glove
Lambskin glove Sale price22,45 € Regular price24,95 €
Save 2,40 €Lammfell-Kardätsche, Glanz Pferd, Pferdebürste, Lammfellbürste, Bürste für PferdeLambskin brush brush CareFlex
Lambskin brush brush CareFlex Sale price21,55 € Regular price23,95 €
Save 1,60 €Mane and tail brushMane and tail brush
Mane and tail brush Sale price14,35 € Regular price15,95 €
Save 1,00 €Mane braiding elasticsMane braiding elastics
Mane braiding elastics Sale price8,95 € Regular price9,95 €
Save 1,60 €CareFlex massage curry combCareFlex massage curry comb
CareFlex massage curry comb Sale price14,35 € Regular price15,95 €
Save 24,52 €Master setMaster set
Master set Sale price138,98 € Regular price163,50 €
Save 0,61 €Mini maxi spongeMini maxi sponge
Mini maxi sponge Sale price5,34 € Regular price5,95 €
Save 2,40 €Natural brush brush CareFlexNatural brush brush CareFlex
Natural brush brush CareFlex Sale price21,55 € Regular price23,95 €
Save 2,30 €Natural root brush CareFlexNatural root brush CareFlex
Natural root brush CareFlex Sale price20,65 € Regular price22,95 €
Save 1,00 €Natural bristles hoof brushNatural bristles hoof brush
Natural bristles hoof brush Sale price8,95 € Regular price9,95 €
Save 0,80 €Natural bristles hoof pickNatural bristles hoof pick
Natural bristles hoof pick Sale price7,15 € Regular price7,95 €
Save 3,89 €Care bundle
Care bundle Sale price35,01 € Regular price38,90 €
Save 14,31 €Platinum SetPlatinum Set
Platinum Set Sale price271,94 € Regular price286,25 €
Save 14,95 €Premium setPremium set
Premium set Sale price84,70 € Regular price99,65 €
Save 5,00 €cleaning bagcleaning bag
cleaning bag Sale price44,95 € Regular price49,95 €
Save 2,50 €CareFlex horsehair brush brushCareFlex horsehair brush brush
CareFlex horsehair brush brush Sale price22,45 € Regular price24,95 €
Backpack / jute bagBackpack / jute bag
Backpack / jute bag Sale price8,95 €
Save 2,40 €Sponge body brush CareFlexSponge body brush CareFlex
Sponge body brush CareFlex Sale price21,55 € Regular price23,95 €
Save 1,70 €Soft mane and tail spraySoft mane and tail spray
Soft mane and tail spray Sale price15,25 € Regular price16,95 €
Sold outSoft shampooSoft shampoo
Soft shampoo Sale price18,95 €
Save 2,85 €Starter setStarter set
Starter set Sale price49,95 € Regular price52,80 €
Cloth bag natureCloth bag nature
Cloth bag nature Sale price2,95 €
Cloth bag suede lookCloth bag suede look
Cloth bag suede look Sale price2,95 €
test Sale price12,92 €
Save 1,00 €Goat hair facial brushGoat hair facial brush
Goat hair facial brush Sale price8,95 € Regular price9,95 €