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Pferdepflege Tipps - so wäschst Du Dein Pferd richtig

Horse care tips - how to wash your horse correctly

Horses sweat through their skin just like we do. So when the temperatures outside rise and your horse wants to rub his soaked body against you after training, then you know that the only thing that...

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Mähnen- und Schweifpflege - mit genialen Tipps die Haarpracht Deines Pferdes sichern

Mane and tail care - secure your horse's hair with ingenious tips

Who isn't impressed by the well-groomed horses in books, magazines, shows or television? Flowing, shiny long hair, open or braided into artistic braids, blowing in the wind of her graceful movement...

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Pferdeinfluenza – ein veränderlicher Virus belastet die Atemwege

Equine influenza – a mutable virus that affects the respiratory tract

Coughing in horses can have many triggers. But the influenza virus is the primary carrier among our ungulates. In fact, it's not just horses that can quickly become infected with the flu virus...

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Norwegische Fjordpferde – die hübschen Falben des hohen Nordens

Norwegian Fjord horses – the pretty duns of the far north

There is hardly anyone who doesn't like the look of the compact ponies. The little Norwegians with their cheeky standing mane are actually more popular than ever. Among horse breeds,...

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4 nützliche Tipps, die das Reiten im Winter angenehmer machen
Stall Tipps

4 useful tips to make riding in winter more enjoyable

Regret doesn't help. Summertime is finally over, rides in the late evening are usually a thing of the past and the weather is forcing us to rethink our clothing choices. Of course, that doesn'...

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Winter Fitness – so hältst Du Dein Pferd auch im Winter fit

Winter Fitness – this is how you keep your horse fit even in winter

Are you dreading the thought of the winter months ahead? If you belong to the “shiver-freeze-featherbed” faction, you will know why. It's not just the clock that changes from summer to winter ...

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