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Hoof care

Animalon-Horse care, our Animalon hoof pick and our natural bristles hoof brush for horses for everyday barefoot care. High-quality and natural hoof care brushes for horses that make hoof care for horses child's play. In addition to our hoof care range, we also offer other first-class grooming supplies for horses in a wide variety of shapes.

In our hoof care shop you will find various hoof care and fur care products for horse care. You can purchase brushes, brush brushes, shine brushes and hoof scrapers for horses and ponies from us. Hoof care for horses should definitely not be underestimated, because if care is not taken adequately, diseases such as: B. Thrush occurs. The horse's hooves should therefore be trimmed regularly by a farrier. Daily care of the hooves also includes proper cleaning and scraping with a hoof picker.

This helps maintain the health of the barefoot. Thanks to our natural bristles, the brushes are incredibly stable and effortlessly remove dirt and grime from the horse's hooves. Barefoot care is fun. Many testers are already enthusiastic about our horse care products. Animalon Hoof and horse care products are suitable for both recreational riders and tournament riders. Our Animalon hoof picker is an absolute must-have for our horses' hooves and therefore belongs in every grooming box and/or grooming bag. Let our grooming supplies for horses convince you. Discover the world of hoof and horse care from Animalon

- Because your horse is special -