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Article: 6 basic tips for smart horse owners

6 Basic-Tipps für Pferdebesitzer mit Köpfchen

6 basic tips for smart horse owners

If we are the proud owner of what we consider to be the most beautiful horse, then one thing quickly becomes clear to us. There is so much to regulate and do that daily riding becomes a hassle in no time.

Now many non-riders think: Does she have a life?Goes horseback riding and cuddling horses for hours.has immense fun.what the money costs.She has to be rich etc. and blah blah blah.

But what's actually behind it and what we "horse fanatics" actually sacrifice for it is only visible to very few people. A “WTF” look doesn’t help either. They just don't know any better.

It's a shame, but from where?

So what is important for us clever riders? Very simple: Organization

The saying: Organization is half the battle is no coincidence. You could say that this really is the key to success. We have briefly summarized which basic tips are useful for you as a horse owner or future horse owner.

Tip 1: Your saddle cabinet becomes a multi-talent

How so? Well, we definitely recommend that you keep things in order. In other words: Get e.g. b some easy-care storage boxes, hanging shelves or interesting repurposed gadgets from the furniture store (IKEA is a treasure trove!) and the drugstore.

With such helpers you can buy horse and leather care products, medication or Hygienically separate the stable pharmacy and feed from each other and save yourself a lot of time searching or cleaning up.

Also make a list of all important telephone numbers:

- Yours (cell phone, landline, workplace, school.)

- Veterinarian

- Riding participation

- Farrier

- Parent

- Stable operator and possibly. Adjuster

Hang this list up once in your saddle cupboard and once at home. In an emergency, you or another member of the riding stable can act quickly. You can add a calendar and your horse's medication schedule to the note. Allergies or intolerances should also be mentioned. This makes the vet’s work much easier. And: time is money!

Tip 2: Use a training diary

If you have a plan, you have an overview. You can either buy a training diary or use an app. In any case, you have the horse's training plan clearly visible in front of you, can review achievements and goals or even quickly recognize changes in health based on the day's form.

Very helpful for the vet if you need one because of lameness, for example. If you have a riding participation, you can both take turns registering and are always well informed.

Tip 3: Be well prepared from an insurance perspective!

If you save on it, you could, in the worst case scenario, be stuck with high costs in the event of damage. Therefore, at least protect yourself with the necessary standard insurance.

- Animal owner liability

- Accident insurance

For both, clarify whether third-party riders (e.g. b Riding participation) are included. There are big differences, especially when it comes to pet owner liability.

- Possibly. Work disability insurance (included in some life insurance policies!)

- Possibly. surgery insurance

You can compare all of them in advance without obligation to find the right one for you and your sweetheart.

Tip 4: Download a rider app

The cell phone is our constant companion. So an app might be able to help you. There you can create a profile for your horse, documents (e.g. b Upload your equine passport, save your medication and even be notified when worming and vaccinations are required.

Ideal if you don't want to miss an appointment with the vet. Some apps also include a training plan for the horse. You can keep an eye on your interactions on the go via diary entries.

Tip 5: Avoid chaos in the car!

Not that easy. It is well known that hay and horse hair tend to get caught in these looped carpet panels in the car. And the sand from the hall and sawdust transform the foot area into your personal, odor-intensive car paddock in no time.

What to do? Get a car trunk liner as a gift for your birthday or Christmas. Available as a universal size or for the respective car brand. Advantage: plastic. You can vacuum it out quickly or spray it out if it is particularly dirty. Also try to leave the riding stable in the trunk! You should always take off your riding boots, pat them down and put them in the tub! This keeps the transport area clean. An odor neutralizer from a spray bottle ensures a more pleasant climate in the car. If you don't change clothes, get a smooth cover for the driver's seat.

Tip 6: Make your work easier

Of course, the surroundings such as: b Leather care, stable service or the horse cleaning routine are part of the riding life. Nevertheless, these are extremely time-consuming and actually take up a lot of our movement time. It makes perfect sense to look for useful "all-purpose weapons."

Baby wipes:

Multiple effects. Removes dirt from saddles/bridles/boots and lubricates the leather. Can even be used for nostril, eye and bottom care (note ingredients!). You can clean yourself. Fits in every saddle cupboard.


Treat yourself to the larger model. Combine financially if necessary. Instead of the rigid commercially available rake, use one with many tines (hardware store). This means that the harvesting takes place in no time.

Make a riding child happy:

Are there a lot of horse-loving children running around your riding stable who want to help? Great, leave it alone! After all, isn’t that how we all started? Assuming, of course, that your horse belongs to the “I don’t just look cute – I am cute” faction.

While the little ones are petting your hottie with brushes, you can already use saddlery etc. prepare or clean out the box. Important: Always keep an eye on everything!

Share in the wealth of experience of others:

Whether with everyday work, illnesses or riding itself - you can benefit from the experiences of others. Older horse owners in particular have been through a lot and can usually give you good advice. Of course, you then have to consider for yourself whether it is right for you. But often a path opens up that you may not have even thought of.

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